Meet Lehi Kafri


My top priority is getting my clients the results they desire through educating them on how to master their body and helping them create a lifestyle that incorporates their fitness goals into their daily routine. When it comes to any fitness journey, there are 3 pillars of health that I coach my clients through: Strategy, Mindset, and Accountability. With the right strategy, reaching goals becomes much simpler. In any given journey, mindset is what will carry you through the hard times and I help build that mindset so my client is unstoppable. Lastly, accountability is the last piece in which I make sure to hold my client to a higher standard so they are fully committed and we make sure they stay the course. My goal is to help my clients realize their potential and push them to becoming the best version of themselves.


Master’s degree in Exercise Science
Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology
ACE Personal Trainer Certified
Cooper Institute Weight Loss Strategies Coach


“Lehi Kafri is one of the greatest things that has helped my mind and body power through new obstacles to gain peak fitness as well as a pain free life. I chose training and was recommended Lehi as a last option before considering surgery for hip pain as well as recent loss of all passion in the gym. Now 6 months into training with her I live both pain free due to her high intensity and constant changing exercises as well as surpassing physique goals not thought possible in my mind. Her training methods are brilliant and are constantly changing to create the finest tailored physique and mindset goals one could ask from a trainer.  From pain and boredom in the gym to zero pain and looking forward to pushing myself to the next goal passionately; I can say without a doubt Lehi is one of a kind.” - Tessa

“Lehi not only helped me transform my fitness, health and overall well-being but she made working out fun and funny. If you cant laugh and have a good time while working hard on your goals then they wont create lasting change. And anytime progress would stall, Lehi was there to remind me its a process and I am still making progress even if the numbers on a scale aren’t moving... Accountability, simplicity, and great workouts - Love you LEHI!” - Jami

“Lehi has been AMAZING! She helped me get out of my typical cycle of “I’ll start on Monday.” She helped me be consistent with the gym, and to actually enjoy going. Food was a huge battle for me, and she helped me understand you don’t have to cut out carbs and sweets, you just need to make sure they’re within your calorie goal. That thought process has been HUGE in reaching my goals. No more binge eating! No more feeling miserable! I have implemented all the things she has taught me, and I am finally getting my body back.” - Mercedes